Digital Dental Esthetic Treatments

Aesthetic treatment of the anterior teeth is now all the rage as the Internet celebrities era. Along with the evolution of dental materials, the number of therapeutic options increased: in addition to aesthetic fillings or direct composite resin veneering and all-ceramic crowns, ceramic veneers and inlays are now available.

What Is Esthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance even the smile.Our cosmetic treatments include ceramic veneers, crowns, digital smile design, CEREC fillings, etc. Through digital dentistry procedure that gives you a smile makeover by restoring chipped, worn, discolored, misaligned, broken, and stained teeth.

Digital Cosmetic Dentistry

Through digital cosmetic treatment, such as computerized X-rays and CBCT scans, and CEREC 3D system, create highly detailed images of your teeth, jaws, and oral structures. The digital images and video allow the dentist to create 3D printed models that allow you to “test drive” what your new smile will be like before undergoing treatment.

Our Dental Esthetic Treatments

Ceramic Veneers

A ceramic veneer is a thin shell custom-made to fit on the tooth. They represent a permanent solution to change or improve the image of stained, chipped, broken or unaesthetic teeth.

Digital All Ceramic Crown

All ceramic crown presents the best quality and most beautiful prosthodontic teeth restoration. Through digital dental technology we can completed the ceramic crown treatment in one day.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is a treatment planning protocol that allows for careful analysis of the patient's facial and dental structures through state-of-the-art videography and digital technology.

Ceramic CEREC Filling

Ceramic filling using a durable and aesthetic filling material. Through 3D design and computer-aided drilling unit shapes a correctly-shaped porcelain filling to be attached to the tooth, using fixing cement.

Benefit of CEREC