Ceramic Veneers

A better life starts with a beautiful smile, we believing that everyone deserves to share their smile with the world especially in this internet celebrities era, we work to transform your life with a beauty smile. Because we know that looking good on the outside helps us feel good on the inside.

What Are Ceramic Veneers

Girls’ dreaming treatment, customized ceramic veneers which is a thin shell fit on the tooth. the toughness comparable to natural enamel. They represent a permanent solution to change or improve the image of stained, chipped, broken or unaesthetic teeth.

When are veneers used

What are the advantages of ceramic veneers

The ceramic veneer procedure

We provide a one day smile treatment which contains ceramic veneers which can complete the treatment in one day. In most cases, our dentist collect your in-mouth information in the morning, design and production in the afternoon. Finally completed the ceramic treatment in the evening.

How to take care of ceramic veneers

Adequate oral hygiene, together with the right measures to reduce to a minimum the risk of chipping, breaking or staining the ceramic veneers, help to preserve them and guarantee they last in time.