Our concept

Digital dental and artistic life

Digital technologies can achieve a more precisely treatment, extending the professions of medical and aesthetics. For this reason, our clinic imports advance facilities from German, America, and Japan to make our doctors can provide a precise and perfect treatment to our patients. In addition, our clinic fulls of the artistic atmosphere, ” You will feel like go in to an art gallery when you visit our clinic, and let you experience that seeing doctors also can become one of the arts.

Leading Brand of the Aesthtic Dentistry

We are the leading brand of the “One Day Smile” program in Taichung. Combine the artistic life with the aesthetic professions, we have lots of advanced digital equipments that spend more than ten millions, and Our goal is to become the leader of the dentistry in Taichung to make our patients can feel comfortable and professional when they come to our clinic.

In order to provide a comfortable place for our patients, we combine our clinic with the medicine science and art. When you visit our clinic, you can see a colorful flower, which is the masterpiece ‘Flowers that Bloom at Midnight’ crafted by Kusama Yayoi, welcomes you at the entrance of our clinic. In addition, there are many contemporary artist works on our waiting room walls., helping our patients to reduce the feeling of tension when they come to see the dentistry.

To upgrade our treatment accuracy and speed, our clinic establish the center of digital dentistry, importing lots of advanced technology equipments from German and America. For instance, the CEREC – digital in-mouth scanning machine – from German, ceramic cerec filling system, waterlase, and dental microscope equipment. Those equipments can reassure patients worry and improve doctors precisements of treatments.

We are located in the center of Taichung city. The distance between our site with the highway’s entrance, National Taichung Theater, and the Feng-Jia night market is only 5 minutes by car. Our patients can park on the street at our clinic entrance or the parking lots of Carrefour next to our clinic.

Our Art Gallery

Beauty is essential in our lives. Immersing our clinic in the rhythm of art, the works of popular contemporary artists in Japan such as Yoshitomo Nara, Yayoi Kusama, and Murakami Takashi decorate our walls. The appearance of the artistic charm is plentiful. Suppose a dentist is a seed, we plant it in the different cultures’ soil. Then, it will develop into the different appearancement and shapes. Our dental clinic is like that; we combine our clinic with art allowing our dental service becomes a aesthetic practice.