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CEREC One Day Veneers

Do you want to instantly have a beautiful smile? Get rid of the embarrassment about the yellow teeth, incorrect dentition, large gap between the teeth, and smiling with gums? Nowadays, People have various kinds of opinions about the beauty, and humans always desire to be better and using an efficient way to become a more beautiful and wonderful person. However, these are not the problems anymore. We don’t need to take too much of time waiting for perfection because our “one day smiling” program can help you solve these problem, becoming a fashionable person in one day, and let your face look more beautiful.

What is one day smile

When you get a one day smile on your teeth, you make a single appointment with our dentist. ... After creating the model for the crown or veneers, your dentist uses a CEREC machine and Digital Smile Design to create your one day crown/veneers at the clinic. When it's done, your dentist will prepare your tooth and then will bond the new crown/veneers, and get the brand new smile curve.

How to proceed

one day smile service can be divided into two main steps, the first step is minimally invasive surgery and in-mouth data collection in the morning. after the patient's information has collected, we proceeded to the digital production of ceramic veneers and crowns, during this period patients can return home for rest or meals. the second step in the evening is simulation and fine-tuning, then finish the veneers fit up.

one day smile service

Ceramic Veneers

Girls' dreaming treatment, customized ceramic veneers which attached to the surface of the front teeth, the toughness comparable to natural enamel, improve the slight tooth misalignment, gap-toothed and yellow teeth.

Digital All Ceramic Crown

Say goodbye to traditional metal dentures, the color, texture and light transmission like real teeth, and higher biocompatibility.

Digital Smile Design

using computer simulation and digital scanning, calculation, to help you find the right smile proportion and design your own smile curve and beautiful smile.

Ceramic CEREC Filling

Digital scanning measures the depth, size, shape of tooth defects, accurately calculate the shape of the defect then filled it. the color, light transmission comparable to real teeth, as if the teeth have not been defected.

Flexible Appointment Arrangement

Our one day smile service is a fully digital dental treatment, design and production can be completed in our dental technical center, therefore the service has the advantage of time elasticity, we offer flexible consultation arrangements, the treatment can be divided into one to three consultations to completed.