Our Dental Team

Different with the traditional dental consultation, Quality Dental Clinic provide three parts of professional services. Our consultants are responsible for understanding your needs and provide advice professionally before your treatment. The dentist team in various fields to provide professional medical services. Finally our dental technical team will assist doctors to complete digital diagnosis and treatment production.

Our Dentists

We have a complete dentists team of specialists, our dentists are rich in experience and specialized in various dental fields, dental implant, dental esthetic treatments, periodontics, oral surgery, etc. We hope we can provide all-around and high quality service to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Consultants Team

Our clinic includes many professional consultant and exclusive consulting room. Our consultants will become the communication bridge between the patients with doctors, providing the comprehensive explanation and consultation to our patients and allowing them can have a wonderful treatment in our clinic.

Dental Technical Team

Different with the traditional clinic, appoint the dental laboratory develops the ceramic veneers, all ceramic crown. Our clinic establish the dental technical center, which is the main factor to accomplish the “one day smile”, using the professional techniques assist the doctors to develop the 3D digital ceramic veneers and all ceramic crown in one day: achieving the goal of “one day smile.”

A better life starts with a beautiful smile